Touchtao is continuously perfecting its M3D Engine.

M3D Engine enables all Touchtao games.

M3D Engine has been designed from the ground up for mobile devices, taking into account limited memory, performance and control interfaces. It completely abstracts the underlying operating system and device hardware, allowing game developers to develop once on Windows and then deploy to multiple mobile platforms.

M3D Engine includes complete support for multi-channel audio, 2D and 3D graphics, a powerful and fully configurable 3D scene graph, collision checking, physics simulation, networking with both Bluetooth and IP based networks such as GPRS, WCDMA and WLAN, content compression and encryption, device event handling and more.

Such as: Dynamic dimension-define device creation. The engine has a separated color surface and z buffer.3D device can co-operate with index buffer, which you can call DrawPrimitive for none-indexed vertex buffer or call DrawIndexedPrimitive for indexed vertex buffer. The 3D device use Direct3D like architecture to convert object geometry from one coordinate space to another. The 3D device support 3 types of transform : View, world and texture. The texture transform convert the texture coordination (u and v). Lights and Materials, Light Properties, Materials,RenderState, Z operation flags, Perspective correction, Fog function,Light state,Alpha state, Shade state, Texture Stage, CM3DRasterize2,CM3DTexture2.


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